Today in the city Chevak 19.03.2018
Assad flaunts Ghouta onslaught by driving Honda into recaptured territory

Syrian President Bashar al Assad has paraded the partial success of his months-long onslaught of a rebel-held suburb of Damascus by driving himself into the enclave in a Honda Civic.

Claims of social media ‘addiction’ are full of bad science — its real impact might be more positive than you think

Frequent social media use and screen time have been portrayed as universally bad for our health. However, a lot of research on this phenomenon has been characterized by poorly done studies and bad sci...

21 stocks set to surge as companies spend billions buying their own shares, according to Deutsche Bank

Several companies have said they plan to spend the gains from tax cuts on paying debt, capital investments, dividends, and buying back their stocks.  In recent years, share buybacks have been a k...

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Benchmark Review Leaked: Much Faster Than 1700X

Performance leak of AMD's new CPUs shows they're much faster while latency and bandwidth are much improved too

Costco is a men's underwear paradise (COST)

Costco, the member's-only warehouse store, sells more than just bulk cereal. It also sells a variety of underwear and accessories, which men rave about. You'd never guess that the place where you ca...

The latest major 'Star Wars' game finally dropped its most controversial aspect — but it may be too late

Nearly six months after launch, "Star Wars Battlefront 2" is finally addressing its controversial "loot box" system. After an update scheduled for March 21, virtual prize boxes in "Battlefront 2" will...

Civic NationVoice: Integral, Relational, Organic, And Generative: Pedagogy For A Thriving Democracy

What approaches to teaching and learning can succeed in achieving these profoundly ambitious learning outcomes? In particular, we must grapple with the question of how to educate in ways that do not s...

Can <i>Grey's Anatomy</i> Survive the Latest Cast Shakeup?

The show was already on shaky ground. What happens now that Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew are leaving?

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